Sandro Marini was born in Terni on May 4, 1969, graduated in architecture in Florence in 1999 and here he fonde an architectural study mainly dedicated to the renovation of interiors in historic buildings.

Between 2000 and 2015 he made numerous private houses in Tuscany and Umbria, local restaurants, bars, farmhouses and monumental restorations.

In 2003 he realizated the first prototypes of radiator Ferronero in 2006, around these takes shape the homonymous company. From 2006 to date, dozens of different models of thermal furnishings are bom, which are technologically more and more powerful, with minimal design and characteristic rust.
In 2012 he’s co-founder of Source, a show of Autoproduct Design International that takes place in Florence. That project aims to link the world of design-related creators and small and medium-sized businesses. This production and distribution that takes place in Florence.