The story

The idea of the first FERRONERO heater was born in 2005 on a Zanzibar beach, where an architect from Umbria, Sandro Marini, and a florentine blacksmith, Andrea Trambusti met by chance. This encounter was the first step on the way to create a new concept of heaters. The first model of Ferronero, Quadro, was drawn by Sandro Marini on the sand of that beach, wet of the Indian Ocean water. We are talking about an unconventional heater, designed as an art installation. Fine traditional artisanship meets contemporany design, where every piece is unique. A concept deeply connected to the art of transforming material. After that first draft in the sand, Marini and Trambusti went back in Italy and started the development of a prototype. Both a lovely friendship and the Ferronero company were born that day.The first series of Ferronero heaters was produced in Andrea Trambusti’s factory, a 60-year-old manufacture settled in Tuscany.

The product

Ferronero connects contemporary design to traditional craftsmanship. CORTEN is the core material of Ferronero heaters, a special kind of steel. The natural oxidation of the steel generates a protective coating. After a natural beeswax treatment, the corten creates a wooden-like surface. Material saves its original properties unaltered.
Thermal performances are high and allow energy saving. The thickness of the steel allows heat for an extended time, even after the heater has been switched off. This is a craftsman process: the manifactury in the shop, the maturation of rust layer, the stabilizing and the wax coating process. Heaters that look like art installations, each product presents a different surface effect.

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