Ferronero is the result of the fusion of a design studio and an old blacksmith workshop. This allowed realizing off-the-shelf tailored products able to satisfy the thermal and aesthetical requirements of each customer.

Ferronero is a company which aims at renewing the concept of radiator, taking it far from its classic meaning and closer to that of installation art. The result of this research activity is an object that looks like a painting or a sculpture, which unveils its real nature only when perceiving its intense heat. The radiators designed by Ferronero long for pure and clear shapes. The material chosen is in line with this new radiator concept, based on transformation and maturation: it is “Corten” steel, a particular metal which is protected by its own oxide coating and superficially treated with beeswax. The result, to the touch, is similar to that of a wooden surface.


Technically, it is a hot-water radiator with high thermal performance. The core of the system is an aluminium heat exchanger with low water content able thus to reduce the heat demand from the heat power station. Such heat exchanger adheres through magnets to the visible hand-crafted steel body. The magnets allow both metals to dilate freely and thus avoiding the emission of any noise. The large thickness of the steel increases the thermal inertia of the system, permitting heat release long after the shutdown of the thermal power station.

In some models, technical components are completely hidden thus emphasizing the concept of the radiator as an installation art. The whole production process is artisan, from the manufacture in the metal workshop to the application and stabilization of oxide coatings. The result is different for each unit, which is a unique piece with its own superficial effects.

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